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The RSPB North East Hants Local Group offers a warm welcome to all in the Surrey/Hampshire border area who are interested in birds and nature at home and abroad. We offer plenty of opportunities to find out more at our indoor and outdoor meetings. We hold meetings in Church Crookham and Fleet ( venue details are on the indoor meetings page).

Please browse our website for more information or contact us for more details.

Nightingales Need Your Help!    Add your voice by 25 June 2018

The nightingale is a red listed bird, red being the highest conservation priority, with species needing urgent action.

The most important home for nightingales in the UK is under threat from development once again. The RSPB needs your help to save it. If this dvelopment goes ahead then a precedent is set which means that other protected sites face similar risks.

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Half our swifts have gone and need your help!

Come to the Swift Awareness Day and find out more on

                                                                     Saturday 16 June 2018

11am – 3pm Aldershot Library


11:30 ‘Devil Birds’

The life of swifts told in a film by Derek Bromhall. Repeated at 13:30


12:30 Colin Wilson (BVCT)

A short talk about swifts and ways to conserve them where we live

Repeated at 14:15


Between the film and talk enjoy refreshments, chat to local conservation groups or enjoy the stands and information on hand.

All are welcome to drop in to this free event.

More information on the events page.


The group has raised over £160,000 for the RSPB since 1978.

See the Fund Raising page for more information.